Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Aug 26, 2019

Cavities are experienced most commonly in childhood when proper dental hygiene practices have not been established. To prevent cavities, dental sealants from All About Family Dentistry professionals in Woodstock can be applied to teeth. Sealants work well and are one of the main ways that dentists can prevent the formation of cavities in teeth.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Sealants are a very fast and cost-effective way to form a barrier between the enamel and the bacteria in plaque that causes tooth decay. Dental sealants from your dentist in Woodstock are non-invasive, so there is no surgery required, nor is there a need for anesthetic.

Sealants are painted onto the chewing surfaces of teeth and areas where the plaque is more likely to accumulate. A special curing light is used to harden sealants once they’re applied, and they won’t be visible on teeth. At each appointment, your dentist will check sealants to make sure that they are as effective as they should be.

Even though they will be checked at every appointment, dental sealants will remain on teeth for years and can be reapplied if they start to lose their effectiveness. Sealants are highly beneficial, as they prevent tooth decay – the most common disease experienced in childhood.

Additional Tips for A Healthy Smile

Patients should brush their teeth at least twice a day using the proper brushing technique. Children and adults should also floss each day at least one time, in order to remove plaque and bacteria from between teeth. A healthy diet is also recommended, as eating more fruits and vegetables can lead to healthier enamel. Try to replace sugary foods and drinks with fresh produce, limiting the amount of sugar and starches in your diet.

Along with the tips presented for achieving a healthy smile, you should visit your dentist at least twice a year in order to get thorough exams and professional dental cleanings. Our All About Family Dentistry experts in Woodstock can make sure that your teeth are healthy and shine brightly. Call our office to schedule a dental appointment or stop by for a visit.

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