Facts About Dental Crowns That You Should Know

Facts About Dental Crowns That You Should Know

Mar 01, 2020

Dentistry caters to different oral health issues. The functionality of teeth is one of the main areas of focus. When teeth are not performing as they should, it is difficult to get your mouth doing what it should. Dental crowns are used in tooth restoration to reinforce the strength of teeth to improve functionality.

What are Dental Crowns?

They are appliances used in dentistry. They feature shell-like porcelain materials that are tooth-shaped. They are different from other types of dental appliances because of the coverage they offer. They completely encircle a tooth, to restore it.

The purpose of tooth crowns in dentistry is to restore the strength of a tooth. They are used to cap the exterior of a tooth, to boost its strength. It is why they are also called tooth caps.

When Are Dental Crowns Necessary?

Getting dental crowns is possible for people of all ages. They can even be used for children, even though not common. Children require the crowns to protect their teeth from dental decay. Crowns can be used as alternatives to dental sealants. The versatility of dental crowns in bridging many dental gaps and being a reliable solution makes them popular for dental works. If you are wondering how they can benefit you, here are some of the situations where dental crowns are used in dental care:

  • For decayed teeth – cavities and dental decays are a big problem globally. There will always be someone who neglects their oral health and yields their teeth to plaque. Thankfully, you can manage your dental decay before it gets too severe. The damaged part is removed and a dental crown placed instead.
  • For missing teeth – did you have one of your teeth knocked out? Dental crowns can be used to cover the gap caused by losing your tooth. However, a crown cannot be inserted on its own. Dental bridges are the treatment used for replacing your missing tooth. The bridges capitalize on dental crowns to cover the adjacent teeth and offer support to the artificial tooth.
  • For broken teeth – a breakage of part of your tooth is not just a cosmetic disaster. It can make it difficult to enjoy your food. Besides, the breakage can translate to damage in the inside of your tooth. A dental crown is used to repair the breakage and add strength to your tooth.
  • For cosmetic purposes – crowns are used as a cosmetic alternative to different oral situations. Some of the most common dental-cosmetic challenges include tooth discoloration, cracks on teeth, short teeth, misshapen teeth, to mention a few. Crowns are used as an alternative to oral veneers and other dental bonding procedures.

Facts About Dental Crowns

As you step into a dentist’s office, it is important to know what you want. As your dentist suggests the best remedies you should use, learning a thing or two about dental crowns will set you ahead. Some of the facts you should know, include the following:

  • They are tooth-shaped – the dental crowns mimic a natural tooth. They are hollow so that they cap the tooth entirely. This is why dental crowns are comfortable to wear. You will not have to deal with the soreness of gums because they do not tamper with your gum tissue during installation.
  • They are different in types – dental crowns differ in types. The differences are regarding the materials used to make them. Crowns are made from porcelain, ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin, to mention a few. The different materials come with different advantages. Most people consider porcelain or ceramic dental crowns because they are appealing to the eyes. They can be matched to the natural color of your teeth.
  • They are durable – the different materials used to create dental crowns are sturdy. They can withstand chewing pressure. Most dental crowns last up to 15 years. However, you have to be intentional about taking good care of them.
  • They are a little invasive – having dental crowns installed is an invasive procedure. However, this is only true is you compare it to other treatments like dental fillings. Technically, your tooth’s enamel has t be removed to make room for the dental crown. You will realize that the crowns boost the strength of your teeth and are worth the investment.

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