Amalgam Fillings in Woodstock, GA

Amalgam Fillings

Your teeth are vulnerable to bacteria and plaque that can cause oral health issues like tooth decay. When decay is found in teeth, your dentist at All About Family Dentistry in Woodstock, Georgia will remove the decay and clean the area. Once the decay is removed, the hole left in the tooth must be filled.

What Is a Filling?

A filling is used to fill in the area that decay has been removed from or to repair structural damage to the tooth after an injury has occurred. Fillings can be made of different materials, but the most popular filling material is amalgam. With amalgam fillings, your dentist can repair damage to the tooth quickly and safely. Let’s discuss amalgam fillings and some of their advantages.

Amalgam Fillings at All About Family Dentistry

An amalgam filling is made of mercury along with other metals, such as tin, copper, and silver. While mercury is toxic on its own, it becomes stable when mixed with these metals and can be safely applied to teeth in the form of a filling. Your dentist will prepare the amalgam filling by mixing mercury in its liquid form with a powder that contains the other metals.

The Advantages of Amalgam

The use of amalgam fillings in dentistry has been a hot topic in recent years as patients express concerns for their oral and overall health. Amalgam is safe and offers a plethora of advantages when compared to other materials that fillings can be made of, such as:

  • They’re inexpensive
  • They can be applied in one visit
  • They’re durable
  • They last for more than ten years

These benefits have made it the most popular filling material used in the United States, with thousands of patients receiving amalgam fillings each year.

If you’re concerned about tooth sensitivity or pain that you may be experiencing, call All About Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment with a dentist near you. We can perform an exam to look for cavities and other issues that may be causing your discomfort. Call our office or come in for a quick visit at your convenience.

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