Digital X-rays in Woodstock, GA

Digital X-rays

Most patients are familiar with the process of getting an x-ray at their dental appointment. At All About Family Dentistry, we use digital x-rays that enhance the patient experience and make it easier for dental professionals to diagnose dental issues accurately.

We Use Advanced Technology

Digital x-rays are a relatively new technology that came onto the scene several years ago. Since then, more and more dentists have made the switch from traditional machines to digital machines. With digital technology, patients are much more comfortable while getting x-rays taken. The process is also easier, reducing the discomfort associated with dental visits.

Our Digital X-Rays Are Safe

Many patients worry about the radiation emitted during x-rays, but a digital x-ray is different. Patients are exposed to more than 90% less radiation than when receiving a traditional x-ray. Older machines are also much slower while only showing a partial view of the mouth. With digital x-rays, the process of getting a clear picture is shortened, and the entire mouth can be seen in a single image, reducing the need for multiple x-rays.

Do I Need an X-Ray at Every Appointment?

Your dentist will only perform an x-ray to get a more in-depth insight into the structure of your teeth and the tissues in the mouth. There’s no set number of recommended x-rays per year – it depends on the needs of the patient and the information that your dentist needs to complete treatments and procedures.

During certain procedures, multiple x-rays may be needed to make sure that treatment has been successful and find any issues that need to be fixed. In some cases, patients may only need an x-ray once a year to determine the status of their oral health and the tissues in the mouth.

To get more information about the technology used in our clinic, schedule an appointment with a dentist at All About Family Dentistry in Woodstock, Georgia. We will assess your smile and oral health to determine the proper treatment for any oral health issues you may be dealing with. Call us today or come in for a visit to meet the staff and speak with a representative.

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