Tooth Extractions in Woodstock, GA

Tooth Extractions

All About Family Dentistry Extractions

Keeping your teeth is the best possible outcome of oral health and wellness, but All About Family Dentistry understands that it isn’t always possible. Our professionals will do everything possible to try to keep regular adult teeth as strong and healthy as possible until an extraction becomes a final necessity to preserve oral health. Tooth extraction is a simple and easy process, one that can occur in a number of situations. A tooth extraction is necessary when one of the following happens:

  • Infection: A tooth has become infected throughout the interior pulp and down to the root, causing damage that cannot be repaired with a filling.
  • Gum Disease: The gums around a tooth have become so weakened that they can no longer hold a tooth in place, necessitating its removal.
  • Crowding: Sometimes, the mouth and jaw are too small to contain all teeth properly, as is often the case with wisdom teeth.
  • Extensive Damage: There is too much damage or decay affecting the tooth, its root, or the jawbone, which means restorative dentistry is not an option.

What is the Process for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is simple. Following an initial consultation where all other options are exhausted, a dentist applies a local anesthetic to the mouth. Using professional tools, the tooth is pulled out of its socket and fully removed. It is common to feel some pressure, but no pain, during the procedure. Once the tooth is removed, the anesthetic is allowed to wear off, and you are given instructions on how to care for the site of extraction.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Once the tooth has been removed, it’s important to meet again with the dentist to discuss how the tooth can be replaced. The most common procedure will be the creation and placement of a dental implant to restore full oral function and health. We strongly recommend making an appointment, so you no longer have to live with pain or discomfort. We can be found at our office at 12186 HWY 92 Suite# 109 in Woodstock, Georgia.

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