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Fluoride and Sealants

All About Family Dentistry Fluoride and Sealants

Fluoride is such an important mineral for human teeth that the United States now puts small amounts of fluoride in all municipal water sources to help maintain the oral health and hygiene of citizens. Here at All About Family Dentistry, fluoride and sealants are used to clean teeth and help maintain health in between regular professional cleanings.


Fluoride can be applied to the teeth during a regular cleaning to improve the tooth’s ability to fight decay. Every day, minerals are added to and lost from your tooth’s natural enamel coating. If too many minerals are lost, then teeth become thin and weak. Weak teeth without a strong enamel coating are more likely to decay, causing cavities, chips, and cracks to occur.

A fluoride treatment is a common dental procedure to prevent the weakening of the enamel. A standard treatment lasts for six months and consists of applying a layer of fluoride as a gel, varnish, or foam. The mineral clings to the teeth and helps prevent future enamel loss. This procedure is especially important for children, whose enamel are at a greater risk of being lost.


A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that goes over the chewing surface of the teeth. It then forms an invisible barrier that stops food particles and bacteria from attacking the teeth and getting in between them, helping to prevent infections and decay. The primary purpose of these sealants is to protect the enamel of the teeth in a manner similar to fluoride. After numerous studies, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) determined that dental sealants are 98% effective at preventing cavities.

Who Can Get Fluoride Treatment and Sealants?

Anyone who is old enough to have teeth is a candidate for a fluoride treatment or sealant, even if the adult teeth have not grown in. Because both procedures are meant to protect and preserve tooth enamel, they are of the utmost importance for young children and teenagers. For more information, make an appointment to see one of our professionals at our office at 12186 HWY 92 Suite# 109 in Woodstock, Georgia.

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