Veneers Or Bonding, Do You Really Know What Suits You?

Veneers Or Bonding, Do You Really Know What Suits You?

May 01, 2020

There are extensive similarities between veneers and dental bonding. Moreover, their similarities cluster around their treatment making them an option that you can choose over the other. Both treatments are used to improve how teeth appear. However, your choice between the two will be largely influenced by the specific needs that you have and the issue that you desire to address. You can make the decision between the two based on the condition that you have and the advice of your dentist.

However, it is always important to get to know between the two options before making a decision or even getting the advice of the dentist. I say for you to ask important questions you need to know a thing or two about the issue of focus. It is for this reason that while your dentist will be very helpful in offering you the advice that you need, you also need to be prepared and be ready for the procedure.

Teeth Veneers and bonding

Veneers are thin custom-made porcelain materials that are applied on the teeth to cover defects. They are applied on the top of the teeth to cover defects such as chipped or stained teeth. On the other hand, teeth boding involve application of or composite resin that comes in the color of the teeth to cover stains or damage on the teeth.

Comparison of dental veneers and dental bonding

Veneers appear to be a more permanent solution to most of the tooth damages and tooth bonding come as solutions in some circumstances. However, to make the decision for yourself it is important that you know about the pros and the cons of the two options.

Veneers pros

With veneers, you get to have some beautiful white teeth as a replacement for your defects. Veneers have the potential to provide repairs that are almost perfect and appear as normal teeth. You can have them to cover cracks in the teeth that will never be visible again and improve the shape of your teeth better than bonding would. They are strong and they do not stain. While they are set to last, they will not be in use for more than 15 years. In addition, they are the slightly translucent like real teeth are making them the perfect replacement for teeth that would not be easily detected.

Veneer cons

The process of having veneers involved removing a part of your tooth for the veneers to be cemented. This implies that they are permanent. They are irreversible once they have been installed, you will have to stay with them. It is difficult to go back. You will also have to pay a little more for the veneers. They cost higher than bonding.

Bonding pros

To get bonding, you will only need one appointment for the procedure. It is quick and you will pay less for the procedure. The bonding can be easily replaced or repaired in the event of damage or removal. With the right care, the bonding can last for up to ten years in a good condition.

Bonding cons

The primary disadvantage of dental bonding is that they stain and they are not strong enough. They can chip or get damaged with minimal impact. In addition, they are porous. In addition, they are not perfectly convincing as natural teeth like veneers. They do not appear the same way veneers making it easy to have one tooth fixed but not all the teeth.

While most people get dental veneers or bonding for the purposes of having perfect appealing teeth, it is important to consider the two options before making a decision because the decision is one that you will have to last with for a very long time.

Teeth bonding have its advantages and disadvantaged. On the other hand, porcelain veneers has its advantages and disadvantages. It is upon you to choose between teeth bonding or veneers after you have understood and known what you get from any of the chosen procedures. They all offer the same treatment but in different ways and you may have to pay more for one option compared to the other. Remember, it is good to get to about these procedures so that you can ask your dentist informed questions.

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