What to Do with Ill-fitting Dentures

What to Do with Ill-fitting Dentures

Apr 01, 2020

Dentures are suitable for different situations and can replace one or more teeth at once. These dental fixtures are affordable non-invasive and easy to adapt to. Unfortunately, with time the dentures will loosen, because in the absence of your natural teeth, your bone will deteriorate. Moreover, as we age, the gums shrink too, causing the denture to weaken. Here is what to do to avoid any dental complications.

1. Know the Signs of ill-fitting Dentures

Having dentures that don’t fit appropriately will cause the jaws to be sore. Additionally, as a result, you may develop stomach issues because of not chewing food properly. Ignoring the problem will damage your gums and dentine, so pay attention to these signs:

  • Difficulty chewing. You may experience challenges eating your food when the dentures are first fixed. However, if you develop the problem, later on, it may indicate that the dentures have loosened and needed replacement.
  • Gum discomfort. Although they are not as comfortable as your natural teeth, dentures should fit snugly and not be uncomfortable. If you experience pain, especially when you bite food down, have uneven pressure, and jaw soreness could be a sign of loose dentures.

There are, of course, other signs that are obvious such as broken, chipped, and cracked dentures that will require a replacement immediately.

2. Don’t Try to Fix the Dentures

Fixing the dentures at home can cause them to crack or break. Moreover, some of the commercial products may contain chemicals that will affect not only your dentures, but also your gums. The dentist will use quality material to hard reline or remake the denture to the suitable fit.

3. Maintain Your Dentures with Proper Care

Though the dentures will wear out and loosen because of the shrinking of your bone and gums, you can enhance their lifespan with these tips:

  • Clean the dentures every day, especially after eating and before getting to bed, but do this over a towel to avoid any accidental breaks
  • Brush the dentures with a soft-bristled and store them in a denture-friendly solution. Remember, lack of moisture can change the shape of the dentures
  • Eat-in moderation acidic and sugary foods. Plus, avoid hard, chewy and sticky foods too
  • Never sleep while wearing the dentures
  • Don’t use toothpicks as they damage your dental fixtures

Oher Denture Problems

Apart from ill-fitting dentures, you may experience other problems with these dental fixtures such as:

  • Gum irritation. When the gums are first fixed, they will cause irritation and soreness of the gums, which clears in a few days. But if it doesn’t contact the dentist for readjustment or a change of the dentures.
  • Infection. Sometimes wearing dentures can cause diseases such as stomatitis and cheilitis, which are both inflammation infections affecting the inside of the mouth and lips, respectively. These infections develop when you fail to clean the dentures properly or to have regular dental checkups. Don’t try to self-medicate, but rather visit the dentist for the proper treatment
  • Halitosis. When you have an improper denture seal or have ill-fitting fixtures, food particles may accumulate underneath, causing bacteria growth and decay. Low production of saliva can also cause the bacteria to fester, leading to bad breath. The solution is to brush and clean your dentures daily and use an antibacterial mouthwash to cleanse the teeth.
  • Problems with speaking and talking. You will have problems pronouncing some words once the dentures are fixed, but as you get used to them, everything will get back to normal. Nevertheless, try speaking slowly and bite the dentures down when they move around to place them back in the correct position.

Using adhesive can also help the dentures feel more secure and stay in place. However, don’t use the adhesive on old or poorly fitting dentures.

Take Away

Dentures are a suitable dental solution for most people as it is inexpensive and easy to fix. Plus, they can replace multiple teeth at once. Visit All About Family Dentistry to get your dentures and any other cosmetic dentistry service you may need.

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